Monday, May 16, 2011

Apple Rumors regarding IPhone 5

According to very recent rumors. it is noticed that apple is willing to alter the camera system of Iphone 5. Some picture evidences shows that apple has relocated the flash position to extreme right side of iphone. i think its very different to implement this because most of smartphone in this Era doesn't have this Configuration of flash.

Also There were rumors spreading that Iphone 5 will get 8 or 12 Megapixel Camera which probably be supporting 1080P video recording But suddenly in recent event of Sonny, Howard Stringer who is the CEo of Sony, accedently said that Apple new upcoming iphone series mayhave 8Mp camera and he also said that We are working with apple on this. So their is a solid chances that Iphone 5 or 4S may get an improved 8Mp Camera with atleast 720p video recording.

Analyst are also suggesting that the New iphone 5 will officially be known by Iphone 4S. It will support the new apple Chip i.e A5 chip which is currently being implemented in Ipad 2, it has faster Processor and Graphics which looks more sharper and crisp. Also there is a rumors around hat Apple will bring support for Sprint and T-Mobile support.

iPhone’s design will remain the same except for “minor” cosmetic changes .Some experts are saying that it will surely get improved for Antenna Issue that most of the Iphone 4 costumers were facing by graping it in a certain way makes it to loses pretty much strength of signal which causes for call drops too.

Well i'm keeping my fingers cross and we will hope that As usual Apple Wont disappoint us As they know how to satisfy their customers and their needs.


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